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BEGO Varseo
BEGO Varseo
BEGO Varseo

BEGO Varseo

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Simple and flexible printing is now a reality for dental laboratories thanks to the multi-talented "Varseo." The family company steeped in tradition BEGO has launched a system for 3D printing at the International Dental Show (IDS) which has been developed with dental laboratories for dental laboratories. Users can expect a harmonised portfolio comprising a self-developed 3D printer, scientifically tested materials, software tools and services.


  • Max. height 857 mm
  • Width 456 mm
  • Depth 443.5 mm
  • Weight 50 kg
  • Rated voltage 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Rated power 100 VA
  • Build volume (L x W x H) 96 x 54 x 85 mm
  • Resolution 50 μm (± 25 μm)
  • Layer 50 bis 100 μm
  • Building rate 20 bis 40 mm/h