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Digital dentistry is evolving rapidly, dramatically impacting the industry

Here at IMILLING, we understand that today’s dental labs are facing significant challenges, the most daunting of which is remaining profitable in an environment of downward pricing pressures, the often burdensome costs and learning curve associated with CAD/CAM equipment ownership.

Our mission is to help our clients more easily navigate dentistry’s digital transition - helping clients deliver the highest quality, most precise, consistent, and cost-effective implant prosthetics to their customers while maximizing your lab’s profitability.

Focused On Your Success - Outsource or In-House:

IMILLING Outsourcing Solution

Since 2010, we’ve been providing implant prosthetic solution options to dental laboratories like yours. For customers who are looking for a reliable outsourcing partner to help them expand their product offerings, improve profitability and capitalize on the benefits of CAD/CAM precision and efficiencies without the expense of ownership, IMILLING offers digital manufacturing from both models and .stl files. Using only advanced laser and optical scanners as well as industrial grade 5-axis milling machines, IMILLING will scan, design and fabricate the highest quality and most complex implant prosthetics for any implant system.

Renowned for the fabrication of medical grade 5 titanium custom hybrid bars, overdenture bars, and components for hybrid implant prosthetics, IMILLING also offers cemented and screw retained single unit and bridge implant prosthetics in CrCo, PMMA and zirconia.

Thriving In-house

For customers looking to take greater control of fabrication processes and turnaround times by bringing the work in-house, IMILLING will help your lab develop the digital capabilities appropriate for your specific needs. Offering a host of unrivaled, premium and affordably priced in-house scanning, design and milling solutions, IMILLING can help install and integrate a scanner, software and mill, train and support the technical team and help optimize digital workflow processes so that your lab can provide the most cost-effective, precise implant prosthetic products to your customers.